Theater Design

There are several components to creating your home theater experience and Custom Technologies Plus takes the hassle out of all the research needed to build that dream theater system. Our professional design and installation team can transform your space into one of the most desirable areas in your home. We can survey your space available to determine the best layout for optimum viewing and sound.

Probably your biggest decision will be on the type of display or TV you would like. A front projector will provide the biggest picture for not a lot of money and give a realistic theater experience in a dedicated home theater. If you’re setting up your theater in a room that will also be used for other purposes a flat panel or rear projection TV may be your best option. To decide what kind of display is appropriate for your specific space consult with Custom Technologies Plus.

Our experts are up to date on all of the technologies available and can guide you through the process.

Comfortable seating plays a huge role in your movie watching experience as well. We have a selection of seating available that offers not only comfort but durability too.

it just makes sense to hire Custom Technologies Plus to do the job.