Lighting Design

From theater lighting to whole home lighting the experts at Custom Technologies Plus can design lighting systems that meet all of your needs.

Lighting Automation for the whole home

Lighting control is one of the most popular aspects of home automation. A lighting control system allows the homeowner to control a light or groups of lights from keypads and dimmers strategically installed throughout the house. Landscape lights are generally programmed to turn on and off at pre-determined times of the day. Our experts will work closely with you design the perfect lighting automation system that is right for your home.

Theater Lighting

Designing the right lighting for your home theater is a very important part of the home theater experience. Proper placement of light fixtures can eliminate screen glare and make your movie experience the best it can be. Custom Technologies Plus will consult you on your lighting layout and design your system to optimize your movie experience. When you press the play button on your universal remote control, your lights fade to a full off position. Need to pause your movie to get more popcorn? No problem! The lights will fade up to 25% so that you can see your way. Any sequence is possible with Home Theatre automated lighting. Just dream it and we can make it happen!!