Installation Services

Let the experts at Custom Technologies Plus handle all of your audio and video installation needs.

Installations can be frustrating at best. There are confusing components, tangled wires, and array of a/v ports labeled with unfamiliar terms, seemingly endless buttons, and perfect positioning to deal with.

Custom Technologies Plus specializes in custom installation and doing things right. A lot of preparation goes into our process before we actually install a system into your home, and the actual process of the installation is what we at Custom Technologies Plus take the most pride in. To install your system, we use the best material, tools, and installation technology that is available. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our knowledge to install and service the most advanced systems on the market. We also pride ourselves on being highly professional and respectful when dealing with you and other workers in your home.

Some of our installation services include

• Fflat panel TV tilt mounts for your LCD, LED or Plasma TV
• TV installation on your wall of choice
• Component Video and RCA audio or HDMI cables
• Concealment of all AV wiring in the wall
• Programming and traning on device remote controls
• Home theater Screens and Projectors
• Home Automation Systems
• Home audio sytems

Our in-house professional installers will complete the design and installation to complete the system you desire.