Audio Solutions

At Custom Technologies Plus we offer high-performance home audio solutions. From whole-house audio systems to home theaters systems we will custom match the look and sound quality you desire throughout your home with top quality speakers and audio systems from industry leading brands.

Whole-house audio systems

Our whole-house audio systems enable you to deliver music whenever and wherever you want, from any room in the house using in-wall touch pads or all-in-one remote controls. To provide a clean and built-in look, the system is typically combined with in-wall, in-ceiling, or indoor/outdoor speakers.

Wouldn’t it be great to play your iPod in the Kitchen while your kids listen to Sirius in another room? Meanwhile, your spouse is listening to the game out on the deck via FM radio or your cable/satellite receiver.

Those are just a few of the possibilities with a whole-house music system.

Control4 has a great whole home audio solution. If you are including a complete automation solution for your home let us put together a package with Control4 whole home audio along with control at locations with a touchpad. It does not get any better than this if your are looking for value and performance.

Home Theater Systems

There is more to the total entertainment experience than a really big screen. Sound is equally important, if not one of the most important features of your new home theater system. Sonic bass blaring through your newly designed space or for that matter, your entire house, will leave you with goose bumps and an overall sensation for wanting to hear more.

Custom Technologies Plus features only the finest speakers. Finding the latest, complementary speaker system can seem like a daunting task. With so many models to choose from at so many price ranges, where does your perfect sound fit in?

The audio experts at Custom Technologies Plus will work with you to configure a system that works within your needs and wants. They will determine if you need small or large speakers, mounted or standing, designer or basic. They will figure out if you can use wired speakers or if you have to have wireless, and they will work to integrate your new speakers with your Blu-ray device, subwoofer, flat screen TV and iPad if you so desire.