We Are Your Audio, Video, Lighting, and
Automation Experts.


At Custom Technologies Plus we offer high-performance home audio solutions. From whole-house audio systems to home theaters systems we will custom match the look and sound quality you desire throughout your home.


At Custom Technologies Plus we carry the industry leading brands in projectors and displays that will give you the best in home theater entertainment. Let our experts bring the movie experience right into your home theater space.


Our lighting solutions offer you total light control that is responsive to your needs. From remote control to smart lighting that helps you save electricity - Custom Technologies Plus has the lighting system that is right for you.


Imagine a house that remembers to lock itself at a certain time each night. Shades that come down as the sun hits. A home theater that the touch of just one button takes care of lights, sound and picture. Control4 makes all that possible and more.

About the Company

Custom Technologies Plus is a locally-owned family business in the Tulsa area with many years of expert experience in electronic services.

We provide our clients with exceptional high-end, custom installations of audio, video, lighting, and electronic automation and we feature only the finest brands of equipment.

Our team of professional and highly trained technicians can not only meet your needs but can answer any concerns you have from the selling point up to the time your system is installed.

All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Us today and let us help meet your all of your audio, video, lighting, and automation needs.